J&A engineers have completed road and bridge projects with funding from local funding and Federal Aid (Local Agency Program), and can tailor design criteria and plan presentation to the appropriate requirements. J&A staff includes former road agency engineers (county road commissions, cities, and townships), and we bring a unique perspective to road design and traffic engineering. We understand and embrace the process required to make a road project successful; from context sensitive design, to external agency reviews, to assisting the client with public outreach and information, J&A staff have the experience and technical expertise to ensure project success.

J&A has attained prequalification with the Michigan Department of Transportation for Roadway Design and Municipal Utilities services.

Riverwalk BridgeProject are not finished once bids are received. J&A is also experienced in construction engineering and contract administration on road and pathway projects, including the differing requirements for numerous funding sources (MDOT LAP, MDNR Trust Fund, CDBG Grants, etc.). J&A qualified field staff exhibit a blend of experience and modern technology, including electronically transmitting Inspector’s Daily Reports to office personnel and use of FieldManager for MDOT let projects.

In addition, J&A has experience in design and construction engineering and contract administration of railroad and port facilities.

Other Transportation Engineering expertise includes:

  • Traffic Signal & Signage Design
  • Bridge System Management
  • Pavement Evaluation and Reporting
  • Asset Management Plan Development
  • Permitting
  • Transportation Funding Assistance (Competitive Grants, Special Assessment Districts Assistance, Federal Aid Funding, etc.)